Grow your business with the continuous feedback loop.



Collect feedback using Surveyapp on your tablet or iPhone, even offline.



Real-time Reporting, Alerts and Digest

Get real-time reports, email digests & instant alerts for new feedback and low score.

Active/ Inactive Branches

You can manage all your branches remotely using surveyKSA and make the survey ON in case the software still not active


Live Graph For Retails & KPI’s 

You can know on time your retails & employees productivity  on spot without any delays by using professional GRAPH


TOP Branch – TOP Employee 

SurveyKSA let you know the best branch for today – week – month – year also the same for employees


TOP 10 Products

SurveyKSA let you know also customer feedback regarding top 10 specific products as we have multiple type of survey



In case customer feeling badly regarding your branch services and he already elect bad face then he can mention whatever he feel then your customer service can contact with him to make your service going in correct way


More Technology

Employee Survey

Make sure that your employees matching your quality level of your business and let the customer rate them to grow more and increase your quality

Products Survey

Create unlimited products survey for specific products you need to know the positive and negative survey from your customers

Promotional Survey

Create Promotional Survey for your customer and start select the winner anytime using our smart software, easy , fast survey

City & Country

Create unlimited cities & countries then add your staff based to that cities to make a professional structure and start KPI’s each employee


Download all reports you need with unlimited data to start rate your staff and branches PDF or Excel within one click

Access Management

Provide a specific access for each department like HR , Sales , Management , and they can access the admin and view the productivity for each branch per city or country wise

Auto Email

Create a specific email template for each group and make the timeline for sending email for the productivity & graph for your business

Bulk SMS

Send unlimited SMS to your customers in case you have any event just you have to paste the contact number and create a specific template for that


Survey support all type of language & our software language support Arabic & English

Creating And Designing Surveys


Gather responses quickly and easily, dig deeper with follow-up questions, and use question branching to tailor your surveys to your respondents. Whether your preference is smileys, scales or a mix of everything, Surveyapp lets you build surveys your way to gain the precise insights you need.


Staff Productivity

Since you will use survey KSA software then all of your staff will do the best as the survey will decide their KPI’s

Best Branch

Since you are using survey KSA you don’t want to be worry about your retails as the software will give you live feedback from the customer and you will take action immediately to resolve any problem


Survey KSA will provide to the customer option to submit his comment in case he’s feeling badly regarding your service which make your business more professional to hear your customer and resolve the issue on time


Since you will use survey KSA then the customer will feeling confermatable as your company taking care for their customers and this is what will make more sales and trust in your business


Using survey KSA HR will decide who’s the correct employee decarive to go to next step as the survey will let you know who was the reason to growth your business

Promotional Survey

Let your customer to join your promotional survey using IPAD or any other devices or SMS channel to share with you their comments.

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