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Why Survey KSA ?

We help all types of companies to grow in their business using our systems, as our survey is different of other companies and matching most

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of middle east concept, Always be special using survey KSA and monitor your activity & quality on time.

What is Online Survey Software?

Online Survey Software is a dedicated feedback or data collection tool that brings you actionable information through online surveys or forms. Businesses worldwide drive on one pivotal component- data. And, they aim to become customer-centric and feedback-driven to drive success and achieve growth. A survey software helps you accomplish just that. Most online survey software comes with an easy-to-use platform that helps even a novice to create surveys with little effort.


of customers browse reviews before purchase any product


of customers trust online reviews as much as individual recommendations.


of customers believe a business more which has positive reviews to boast about

Upload Images

A picture really can be worth a thousand words. Pro users can add images directly to their questions as well as their opening and closing messages.

Responsive Layout

Our surveys work on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers. Before you share your survey, just head into Preview mode to see how it looks on different devices.

Fast & Easy

We’ve done our best to make creating surveys as enjoyable as possible. We’ve got the fastest and most intuitive user experience on the block. Creating online surveys has never been more fun and hassle-free.

Multiple Languages

Your customers speak more than one language, and so do we. The text on survey buttons, instructions, and opening and closing messages can be presented in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic or over twenty other languages.

Question per Branch

Whatever you have branches for your company, our survey software can give specific survey to each branch with detailed reports per branch

Survey per employee

We’ve done our best to make creating survey per employee as you can know let your customers rate your employee using their image then start rating…

Multi Ways For Survey

All you need is an iPad or Android tablet! Install the app, Survey KSA uses your WiFi or mobile data connection to send responses to our AWS cloud reporting system. Even if you don’t have signal? No problem! Survey KSA can collect feedback offline to be automatically sync later.

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I want the best Online Survey Software


How Can You Use SurveyKSA?


Motivated employees provide the best service to your customers – so it’s a no-brainer to show that you value your staff by listening to feedback and addressing concerns.


Every day on the high street, thousands of shoppers enter stores to browse, but leave without feeding back on their visit SurveyKSA is different – it asks questions shoppers want to answer, and gives retailers real-time insights on real experiences.


Manage RSVPs, Assess guest & client needs, Promote events online, no more confusion with surveyKSA software as you can take the right decision on time


With competition fierce,

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quick-service restaurant operators can’t afford to neglect the basics. From store cleanliness and waiting times to the quality of their food, customers expect a top-notch experience


Plan holidays & reunions, Learn more about each other, Keep in touch & have fun. You can make fun with your family and make sure for each and every plan you want to work on it


Survey Software is an indispensable component in the marketing domain. From capturing lead information, embedding contact forms, gathering user feedback, assessing user experience


Whether your business is airports or hotels, restaurants or trains, only the best customer experience will do. After all, it’s never been such a competitive world out there.


Make learning fun, Track student progress, Communicate between students & teachers, Make online exam for your students and get the correct and best rate for each one.


A company makes products for customers. And, provide their best services for customers, again. Therefore, aligning it with the thoughts & preferences of customers is extremely important. The best way for this is by gathering customer feedback

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